What is the difference between Basic, Standard and VIP Subscription?

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Please check the information below to select which package type suits your goals.

Do you trade on D1 and higher timeframes?
In this case, there is no need to purchase any additional data services. In our Basic (free) Subscription, we provide 1-minute historical data for the 18 most popular symbols from the Forexite broker (the data starts from 01.03.2001 and it is updated monthly). These medium-quality data are useful for long-term traders who prefer to backtest their strategies on daily timeframes and higher.

Do you trade on timeframes from M1 to H4?
If you are an intraday trader and want to receive the most precise backtesting results, please consider subscribing for the paid data services. Paid data subscriptions give you access to 800+ symbols including many cross-pairs, commodities, metals and even stocks with indexes. These data are derived from 12 brokers and are updated on a daily basis. The start of the data range varies depending on the broker.

Should I choose a Standard or VIP subscription?
If you mostly trade on M1-H1 timeframes then you need to purchase tick data with floating spread (VIP subscription) – this will give you the most accurate results you trade on H2-H12 timeframes then you don’t need to bother yourself with tick data – Standard subscription will perfectly meet your needs.

Standard and VIP data packages are paid monthly/annual subscriptions. Once the month/year is over, your credit card will be billed again for the same amount of money. Please note that the subscription allows you to download all the data from the beginning of our history until the day it expires. All downloaded data will be stored on your computer so you will be able to use them in the future. Please consider backups so you will be able to have access to all downloaded data even after the end of your subscription.

You can read more about the data service and find the full list of given data on the Data Service page.

Short Answer:

In Basic (free) Subscription, we provide 1-minute historical data for the 18 most popular symbols from the Forexite broker. Free data are updated monthly.
In Standard/VIP subscription, we offer more than 800 symbols, 5-digit data, 12 brokers, tick data, floating spread, daily updates.
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Jan 10 2024, 21:21
Hi there I'm now on basic data plan. Is it possible that I can upgrade the current plan to standard or vip plan
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